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Set Fweeeee from Jail

May 18, 2010

This past Sunday night, as I was putting my little girl (AKA “The Bean” to bed, she told me the story of Paul and Silas being imprisoned (Acts 16) as she remembered it from Sunday school that day. Keep in mind…she 3 years old and was so very animated – so excited to tell this story. It’s something about her that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Went something like this:

(To get my cute girl’s voice right…please feel free to read aloud this blogpost or at least in your mind…pronounce all “R” sounds as”W”s; e.g. “friend” – becomes – “fwend” — “TH” are more of an “F” sound…you get the drift — so adorably sweet. Love her!)

The Bean: “Dad, do you know about Paul and his friend? Not Mr. Paul our neighbor next door but Paul from the Bible…Well he always told the people about Jesus and he always helped the people. But then there were some bad people and they did not like him and they hit him and threw Paul and his friend in the jail and locked them up tight. But Paul and his friend always did pray and sang lots of Jesus songs all the time and all the other people were listening and they liked it alot. Then one night there was a big earthquake and everything was shaking!”

(The Bean at this point, laying in her bed is so excited that her arms are swinging all over the place for the sake of illustration and her face has this look of concern mixed with…determination…yup definitely determination)

The Bean: “…All the people’s chains crashed off down to the ground and all the doors opened up and all the people were so scared and the guard got so afraid that he tried to poke himself!!! But Paul and his friend said, “Don’t poke yourself! We’re all right here.” And then Paul told them all about Jesus and even the guard told his family about Jesus. And Dad, we were under the table in our classroom today like we were in the jail and we pretended that God set us free and He DID set us fweeee.

Me: “He did?”

The Bean: “Yup and we pretended that we were in the jail and that there was an earthquad and then we got out from under the table and we were fweeee!”

Me: “I LOVE that story, sweetie!

The Bean: “And did you know that Jesus also set us free Dad? He died on the cross and then He ROSE AGAIN!!! And that set us free from the jail …”

(…tears in my eyes at this point…)

“…And He rose up from the dead and we don’t ever have to go to jail and we can always praise ye the Lord…So Dad will you say my prayers?

Me: “Sure, but maybe do you want to pray a little bit too?”

The Bean: “Dear Jesus, thank for setting me fweeee…and You died on the cross but then you ROSE AGAIN!!! And I want to just praise ye the Lord and I thank you for my nice house and I promise to go to bed like a good girl tonight. In Jesus name. Amen”

I can’t wait till she tells me another Bible story. I’m so thankful I’m set free from jail. I’m so thankful she’s set free from jail.


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  1. Darla permalink
    May 28, 2010 8:58 pm

    This is a beautiful story. I can picture Ella telling it 🙂


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