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Sunday SetList (May 31, 2010)

June 1, 2010

This Sunday I got to play second (acoustic) guitar and sing background vocals (BVGs) for our 9:15am worship service. Our worship leader played lead acoustic and sang lead vocals as well. A great addition was the implementation of a Cajon  made by the company Latin Percussion – LP. which, if you must know, is now a new favorite of mine when it comes to the family of percussion instruments. This instrument sings (if that’s possible for a percussive instrument???) in the skilled hands of my buddy Kevin Daharsh (totally recommend following this guy on Twitter @KevinDaharsh) just added such a great effect to the acoustic set we did during that service. I’ve got to just throw out just a quick praise regarding my friend Kevin: This guy has one of the purest hearts for leading God’s people in worship that I know. He hears dynamic nuances and weaves in creative percussion like no one I’ve ever met; it really deepens my worship experience and I know does the same for the congregation. Better yet, he’s one of the most humble servants I’ve ever met. Bottom line, his instrumentation set alongside his life that he’s set apart for God continues to be such a witness to me. I really value  your friendship, Kevin.

So the 9:15 service looked like this:

  1. Opening Song – The hymn, Blessed Be the Name (Clark & Hudson)
  2. Sweetly Broken (Riddle)
  3. Grace Like Rain (Agnew)
  4. Closing Song: Reprise – Blessed Be the Name (Clark & Hudson)

The 10:30 service had a full band and I got to sing BVGs and play acoustic while our churches worship pastor, Nathan Hall (another great friend and musician whose heart for serving God is a inspiration to me) sang lead while playing some great fills on a microKorg Synthesizer Vocoder. What a great piece of gear — and for a really reasonable price! We’re still learning about the absolutely insane amount of sounds and settings that are packed into this little gem. Anyway, in the absence of one of our regular keyboard players, this really rounded out our sound and it’s certainly something that can be used even when you do have someone playing keys.

The 10:30 looked like this:

  1. Opening Song – Majestic (Brewster)
  2. Sweetly Broken (Riddle)
  3. Came to My Rescue (Samson, Davies, Thomas)
  4. Closing Song – Surrender (James)

All in all, a great week of worship. As always, I’m so thankful and blessed to be given the opportunity to serve the Lord in this capacity and alongside such amazing musicians who love Jesus. And as always, definitely make sure to check out the hub for a ton more Sunday Setlists by worship leaders from all over at The Worship Community!



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