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My Crochet Sensei

June 3, 2010

Tonight, I said goodbye to my Crochet Sensei, and since I don’t want to dwell on how much that sucks (’cause I really am excited for her family to be reunited and to move into their “growing old” home) instead I’ll take a minute and tell you a little about my Crochet Sensei, Kecia.

First, a little background… At our first home in this small town, we lived in a very friendly neighborhood.  We knew all our neighbors and could ask any of them for help with anything. Across the street from us lived Mr. Steve and Ms. Erma Jean.  They were an answer to my prayers for friends that would encourage and uplift me.  They are like grandparents to my kids and, Ms. Erma Jean especially, helped me through the very early and lonely years of parenting.  We hung out in their driveway everyday and it was such a blessing – friendships I absolutely cherish.  When we moved out, we didn’t know what was next and I cried over leaving them just as much as I did leaving our first home.  We then temporarily moved into our friends basement and shared a spot on their farm for almost four months.  It was a beautiful picture of friends that became family and a really fun time of sharing and spending time together.  I left the farm with a full heart – but was surprised that we weren’t moving away but rather just a few streets over from our old house  to a new neighborhood as Joel started his new job.

When we picked our “new” house, I noticed that four houses on the street were for sale, including one directly across from us and so I started to pray for my future neighbors.  I prayed that we could be uplifting to them and that they’d be the type of people who just like to hang out in the driveway (an extension of the good ‘ole days on the front porch) and share adventures.  We lived here for a year and a half and as the houses stood empty, I continued praying.  I prayed for my neighbors – especially the ones that would move in the house across the street, every time I drove past it – and that’s a lot!  As the seasons passed, I  longed to hang out  in the driveway and share daily small talk (or deep talk depending on life).  Don’t get me wrong, we have a wonderful neighborhood with very kind neighbors, they’re just not in a place where they can sit in a camp chair as my kids ride bikes and blow bubbles in the driveway.  I was hopeful that God would answer my prayers but it wasn’t looking good as another winter approached.  And then I saw Momma Evelyn, my favorite real estate agent,  at the house across the street.  The house was going to be a rental for six months to a military wife and son as the man of the house worked away for a bit until they could all be reunited at their forever home a few states away.  I was bummed that whoever it was,  that it would only last six months, but I trusted my heavenly Dad.

And into my life walked Kecia, my (now) Crochet Sensei.  We’ve spent the past six months getting to know one another.  Watching each other deal with daily annoyances and joys.  Sharing stories about our amazing kids and our handsome husbands.  I knew from the day she invited me in to see her kindle that she is who’d I’d been praying for all these months.  She has been an absolute answer to prayer.  She doesn’t know it, but she moved across the street when I was in the middle of what felt like a hot mess.  I was shook up and unsure of myself and there she was, calm, cool and assured of who she is in Him.  Her time of separation from her hubby was the perfect reminder of the perspective my own issues seemed to be lacking.  She is strong and beautiful and humble and generous and I’m so thankful to have shared these past months with her.  She has provided my heart that jolt it needed to get back to my roots – of sharing and loving and being who I am in Him.  She has encouraged without knowing it, shown love without effort and reminded me that humility is a pretty good litmus test for integrity.  She has listened and shared wisdom.  She has laughed with me and loved on our goofy kids (and dog!).  To know Kecia is to love and respect her – ’cause she is one impressive lady.  She even made it out to visit my farm family (turns out they already knew each other) and she fit right in without missing a beat – it was perfect.

She has given me many gifts.  She has been a gift to me.  And just when it couldn’t get any better, she agreed to teach me how to crochet.  The significance behind that I’ll save for another post, but let me just say, it was just what my heart has needed.  She is an amazing teacher, the ultimate Crochet Sensei.

As she and her son pulled down the street for one last time tonight, my daughter summed it up best as she cried and needed big hugs as she managed to get out the words “I miss Ms. Kecia and Colin and want them to come back – I don’ t want them to leeeaaavvvveee.”  My girl and I cried together and I used it as a chance to share with my sweetie that just because friends move, you don’t lose them.  I’m so grateful for the friendship I have with Kecia.  She has been an answer to my prayers above and beyond my expectations and although it seems like it took forever to get her in the house across the street and just a blink for her to leave, I know that His timing is perfect. And I am soooo excited for her because she is leaving our small town to go to the home she’ll continue to raise up her handsome boy in and grow old gracefully with her husband at – for a family that has lived the gypsy military life, that is a huge blessing!

Ms. Kecia, we’re going to miss you but we really are excited for your next step.  I love you and I’m going to miss hangin’ in the driveway with you!!  Thanks for all you’ve done for me – you’ve been a blessing to us all and you can drive away all you want, but you’re stuck with us for the long haul!



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  1. June 3, 2010 11:38 pm

    Wow. That was awesome. 😦 I’m gonna miss her too! She always stopped by to check on things when you guys were gone, and usually just stayed to talk. What an amazing women. Her strength is pretty evident through her actions. Cheers to the crochet sensei!


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