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Praying About It

June 6, 2010

Saying that you’ll pray about something in your life or another’s life is a big task; one not to be taken lightly. I learn that lesson week after week as I walk through life, being compelled to pray or being asked to pray about something with friends or family. It’s such a great lesson to learn over and over. But honestly, when it has to do with, well, me… I blow it off much more than I should. It’s wrong.

For example, Ingrid and I have been and continue to pray about how God’s been guiding our passion for ministering to other people through our lives, our leadership experiences, our talks with friends and family; through words written and songs crafted; through trips taken to Haiti and some other amazing places. There are absolutely opportunities out there, some of which we’ve prayed about and pursued; others which we’ve sort of navigated around because, despite being a great opportunity, it wasn’t a great opportunity for us. I hope that makes sense.

God continues to fuel my passion for writing music for Him and about Him and I hope that area of my life burns ever brighter. But I also just love to talk with people and listen to their life stories. I love to take part in raising up leaders for the Body of Christ through whatever medium and avenue that opportunity is presented. I think that’s a pretty honest picture of my desire right now…

…and if that’s an honest picture of my desire, I’ve got to continue to ask God the hard questions. Because there are some potential opportunities on the horizon that are life changing for our entire family. Questions like:

  • Do You want us to go there?
  • Why me? Why us?
  • Do You realize how this will change our lives?
  • How will this be viewed? How will my extended family react?

Oh geez…

Not sure where I’m going with this other than to say that,

as much as I’m afraid of asking hard questions and maybe hearing answers that I’m not “ready” to hear. My heart is so much more at peace when I bring tough questions and conversations to God instead of trying to engineer answers that I think I want to hear.

What have you been talking to God about lately? What hard questions are you asking Him? What answers (like them or not) are you hearing from Him?


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