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Sunday Setlist (June 27, 2010)

June 29, 2010

I was asked to lead worship at the Rolla Central Community Church of God this past Sunday since their worship leader was on the road to a conference. What a blessing and I was so appreciative to have been given that opportunity!. Thanks again to their worship leader, Brent Copeland and the many wonderful folks that I met there.

None of the musicians we ended up having actually attend this church regularly so we were all sort of in the same boat as we prepared our worship setlist, transitions and flow; actually sort of calming feeling knowing that all of us were a bit out of our element. Along with me, we had an additional acoustic guitar player who played some really nice fills for us, a percussionist who played the congas and a cello player who not only brought in a nice droning low-end to our sound but also some really nice back and forth during melody/harmony exchanges of the responsive chorus in the hymn, It is Well With My Soul.

It was also the first time I’ve really used “in-ear” monitors which, after a bit of getting used to and  a seasoned sound engineer tweaking my mix a bit, really worked out nicely; although for the size of the church (about 200 seats) and instrumentation we were using, they probably weren’t all that necessary. Either way — the chance to use that technology proved to be a great learning experience for me and I’m excited to make use of “in-ears” more in the future, especially with more of a full band producing a whole lot more sounds and frequencies during the span of a set.

We wrapped the initial setlist around the hymn, It is Well With My Soul so here’s how things looked overall:

  • It is Well With My Soul Vs. 1 & Chorus (Horatio Spafford)
  • Jesus Paid It All (Kristian Stanfill)
  • Draw Me Close (Michael W. Smith)
  • I Love You Lord (Laurie Klein)
  • It is Well With My Soul Vs. 6 & Chorus

Offering Song

  • Oh Lord You’re Beautiful (Keith Green)

Following Sermon

  • How He Loves Us (John Mark McMillan)

Make sure to find more Sunday Setlists used at other churches through the The Worship Community!


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