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Sunday Setlist (July 18, 2010)

July 19, 2010

Really enjoyed having the youth praise band lead the worship songs this week. They’ve come so far over the last year and it’s been an honor to have been given the chance to work with them a few times. They’ve truly blessed my life because I’ve seen how playing and singing music in worship to Jesus Christ has cultivated and challenged them in other areas of their lives; maybe areas where they were choosing to ignore Christ’s call to them or areas where they’d been wounded by someone or some life experience and simply didn’t know how to move on from that pain. It’s my prayer that praising God with their time and their musical gifts has and will continue to bring them closer to a Heavenly Father who desires all of their hearts to be filled with Him and His promises for them.

  • Opening Song: Glory to God Forever (Beeching/Fee)
  •  Mighty to Save (Fielding/Morgan)
  • Came to my Rescue (Davies/Sampson/Thomas)
  • Revelation Song (Riddle)
  •  Closing Song: Might to Save (Reprise)

Raising up a new generation of leaders for the Christian Church has minimal amounts to do with musicianship, the ability to speak well in front of crowds or how endeared we are to our youth groups growing up. It has everything to do with matters of the heart; namely their heart toward serving and living for their Creator. If it’s music that speaks to their hearts and they desire to use those given talents to glorify God, we as leaders are responsible for helping them hone that craft. Likewise, if we’ve got kids who have a heart to do mission work, either within our country or internationally, we’ve got to engage their interests and talents with genuine enthusiasm. Some kids love sports and communicate best in that environment. Some have been given the gift of listening and encouraging or speaking and leading; those may be our next generation of Christian counselors, authors, pastors or teachers. Bottom line, what an exciting, humbling and seriously daunting task we have as leaders — To raise up those to whom we will pass the torch.

To the entire youth praise team — Just wanted to use this post to give you a quick shout-out; to let you know how very proud of all of you I am and how blessed I was through your witness this past Sunday!

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