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Why Not Stay for Awhile?

August 27, 2010

I don’t get on my knees to pray enough and I know that I don’t have to be on my knees in order for God to hear my prayer or in order for me to hear from Him. But I do know how I feel when I decide to drop whatever else I’m doing, get on my knees and pray. There’s really a sense that I’m physically taking myself out of the matrix for a few minutes. I’ve noticed that there is a very deliberate feeling that comes over me when the posture my heart (which I know God cares more about than anything else) and my body reflect reverence and submission to Him. There’s a focus that I’m granted in those moments; one which is trivial to try describing further, but that I feel it nonetheless.

Last night before crawling into bed, I got on my knees — prayed — listened. The subjects of the prayer don’t really matter. Likewise, the action, in and of itself is unremarkable and I hope that by my telling you this, it’s not chalked up as a “strive well” or a “do this in order to get that”-type of blog post; because I think that sort of stuff tends to be really unhelpful. I think I’m compelled to share this because I want to say that focusing on Jesus Christ and giving Him the time in my days and nights that He so desperately wants from me has got to be deliberate. Because the flip-side of me NOT giving Him my time, heart, talents, joy and pain is also a deliberate action. It is as deliberate a choice as any other that we make as the minutes tick by.

So, from my time of prayer, I heard this more loud and clear than anything else: “Please don’t ever let being here with Me become unfamiliar to you.”

I confess that so many times, I choose not to sit at His feet and I choose not to bear my whole heart to Him; instead giving Him only the neatly packaged sins vice the messy, long-standing struggles or questions that I have. Although I know that God wants to hear all of my prayers and I love that He hears even my quickest of utterances in His name,  I confess that the times are few in which I set aside the opportunity to approach Him with a body and soul that is postured foremost to honor and revere His Lordship over my life. I confess that too few times, I approach Him with the intent to stay for a while to allow Him to reassure, to heal, to counsel, to Father me.


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  1. September 10, 2010 2:29 pm

    Wonderful post. As if He had you write it just for me.

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