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Sunday Setlist (26 Sept 2010)

September 27, 2010

 Such a great time of worship yesterday and I know that I gush about them every time I write one of these Sunday Setlist posts – but we have such a gifted team of musicians, singers, techs serving at our church! I’m just so thankful for them.

We’ve been studying certain elements and players related to spiritual warfare over the past few weeks and yesterday, we dug into what the scriptures say about Satan’s minions — demons. We tried to build our setlist around a couple of reminders:

  1. We have an enemy; one which, for a time (Daniel 7:25) , directs these fallen demons to afflict us, though they have no right or authority over us claimed as sons and daughters of God.
  2. Despite this affliction, the battle is already won and the accuser of the brothers (Revelation 12:10) and every one of his fallen creatures is operating on borrowed time. The outcome has already been sealed through Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice of carrying the weight of our sins through His death on the cross and through his life-giving resurrection from the grave.

Here’s the basics of how the setlist panned out:

  • Our God (Tomlin / Redman) — after we sang this we did a short time of greeting one another and then built back into another round of singing the bridge & chorus; making for a great transition into our next tune)
  • The Battle Belongs to the Lord (Collins) — the recording linked to the title of this song is not at all how we played it. For lack of a better term, we played it with a much more “in your face”, driving rhythm with the intent of trying to recreate some of the havoc of the “battles” in the verses (dominated by minor chords) breaking into the hope that is ours in Jesus during the choruses (dominated by major chords).
  • Came to My Rescue (Thomas/Davies/Sampson)
  • You Gave Your Life Away (Baloche) — ending w/ a chorus of Mighty to Save (Morgan / Fielding)

 Closing the Service

Don’t forget to check out additional Sunday Setlists and a ton of other great resources at The Worship Community.


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  1. September 27, 2010 2:59 pm

    I sang that Paul Baloche song as a duet with my music minister at my former church. It is so powerful. Hard not to have tears I think!

    I’m joining your team’s rotation! Looking forward to it! 🙂

  2. September 27, 2010 4:23 pm

    great idea of tagging “you gave your life away” with “mighty to save.” we will have to try that sometime soon.

    stay connected…

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