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Altars, Reminders and The Forge

November 5, 2010

OK, so I’ve had this bracelet on since I got it at The Forge Conference . If that sounds a little silly or weird or dorky…well, then you know me well. I’ve kept it on because it’s been a simple reminder of what I learned, what I heard, what I need to do, AND through it all, how God is with me; how He is faithful and true to completing His good work in me. I don’t really need a bright orange FORGECON10 bracelet to remind me of God’s faithfulness, but there was just this sense that maybe I ought to just keep it on for “a few” days which turned into…just over a month. I needed to remember; to hold on to some of the experiences and messages and songs that came out of that time in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

Throughout the book of Genesis, Abraham builds altars to the Lord to worship and give back from his grateful heart to the Lord. But I think also to serve as a reminder for him of God’s continued faithfulness and presence in his circumstances; His fervent leading and loving of Abraham and His people, Israel. And No, I don’t think that my bracelet reminder is even close to being in the same league as Abraham’s altars. What I am saying though, is that even Abraham needed to be reminded that God was near, that He was for Abraham. Because it wasn’t all roses and Abraham was tested beyond the limits of what he could handle on his own. If you don’t remember what I’m talking about, here’s one example that I’d say sums it up.

Abraham is reminded time and time again that despite uncertainty and unplanned turns that occur in his life, God is with him and He delights in Abraham’s faithfulness. I need those same reminders on the “Abraham-scale” things of life and apparently on some things that I heard at the conference.

After my last post, I wasn’t really sure how I wanted to wrap-up talking about some of the things that I learned or that were confirmed for me at The Forge Conference — until this morning when I got together with a few good friends for an early morning breakfast. These guys are dear friends, excellent musicians and gifted worship leaders. As we sat and chatted this morning, there was a point at which I heard from God some of the very same directives that He’d driven into me to during the conference. I’m so thankful of His reminder this morning to do these few very specific things really well.

  • Write, sing and play music that’s not only scripturally accurate but draws people to Jesus Christ, causing them to fall ever more deeply in love with Him.
  • Be ready to use my gifts and resources to take His message however and to wherever He directs.
  • Most importantly, be present for those whom God puts in front of me. In other words, crafting relationships that aren’t built with affirmation of one another’s egos but with Christ-like authenticity that cares more about release from captivity and reclaiming broken hearts — less about keeping the appearance of neatly packaged friendships.

It’s probably about time to take this bracelet off. I think wearing it has sort of been God’s way of pulling me from the forge to shape and hold me in place until these lessons were made more permanent. So thanks so much to everyone who made that conference the blessing it was to me and so many others. Thank you to Nathan, Brent and Bryan for a chat this morning that had alot more impact on me than I thought it would when I showed up at 6:30am. Most of all, thank you Jesus for being both Lord and Christ in me.

King of mercy; God of Justice You are faithful and true.


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  1. November 19, 2010 11:18 pm

    I love this …

    crafting relationships that aren’t built with affirmation of one another’s egos but with Christ-like authenticity

    Beautifully said!!

  2. December 5, 2010 7:09 pm

    I love the idea of having a physical reminder of emotional or mental discovery.


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