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Sunday Setlist (27 February 2011)

March 3, 2011

Oops! It’s Thursday and I totally forgot to crank out a Sunday Setlist post. So, without further chitchat or excuse on why this post is a bit tardy — here we go:

Our set was sort of built in a medley style simply meaning that the tunes were meant to flow from one into another. In this specific case, we played the entire (initial) set in the Key of A which sounds like it would have gotten boring but I think the riffs of the various songs stood apart from one another enough that they worked really well.

  • The Stand (by Joel Houston) – This song had been introduced by the youth group band the week before and we sort of wanted to echo it by simply beginning the singing with repeating the song’s chorus a few times. The chorus is the only part of the song that we did and we progressively built musically as we sang it through each time. From there, we moved directly into a couple choruses of another favorite —
  • Sometimes by Step – Oh God You Are My God  (by Rich Mullins)
  • Came to My Rescue (by Sampson/Davies/Thomas)
  • Healer (by Mike Guglielmucci) *Despite the consternation amidst the composer of this song, I don’t think that’s a reason NOT to use it. It’s an incredible song with a clear and true message. Along with the version available via the title link you can also check out Kari Jobe’s excellent cover of it here.
  • We Are Hungry  (by Jeff Deyo)

Overall, I liked how the set panned out. As a learning point for me, I think I would have started the set with a song that was a bit more familiar for folks; maybe even just switching “Sometimes by Step” and “The Stand” would have worked. Either way, I’m thankful I was given the chance to lead and can’t wait till the next time I get to serve!

Blessings in Christ!


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  1. March 4, 2011 8:04 pm

    I love that you’re still doing “Healer”–we did this one at my church back in New England, and chose to keep it even after the controversy. My pastor told our congregation what was going on with the writer, and said God’s truth is in the song and His grace is alive and active and we’re going to sing it anyway. It was a powerful teaching moment for the church, actually.

    • March 5, 2011 3:38 pm

      Mandy, so very much appreciate your insights and that is the perfect way of putting it. I bet that message and time of worship was so precious!

      Ultimately I think the words of that song were written in such a way that remind us that Christ is Healer of ALL; of circumstance, sickness, sin, and consequence aside…He is both “Lord and Christ” over us and for us. And it’s impossible to answer the questions of why some physical illness are cured and some are not; why some lives are spared and some aren’t. The one thing I am always certain of is that He came and will always come to “heal the brokenhearted…” And I think most of all, that’s why I love singing the lyrics of that song.

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