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A Way Out!!!

April 25, 2011

I get the sense that some folks are sort of “exhaling  from Holy Week” and this past Easter weekend. Maybe it’s occurring in a couple different ways such as, “Whew!!! We made it through the week!” I can understand that reaction! I know so many of our great pastoral staff and church workers around the world spend countless hours preparing and rehearsing to ensure that the message preached and ministered and worshipped is one that is both honorable to Jesus Christ and just as importantly, draws people more closely into His love for them. So I pray that if that applies to you, that you’re blessed with some great rest for wonderful work!

I think there’s also another kind of  exhale or pause in the hearts and minds of many today though. I suppose more appropriately, the “exhale” is more of a huge sigh of relief followed by…some semblance of —

“He has made a way out for me…There’s hope for me…” 

Think about that…there REALLY IS is a way out for us…He has ripped a hole in the defenses of darkness; routed and crushed every evil thing which seeks to derail and destroy…And He has done it all on our behalf.

What does that make you want to do? How does that make you want to live?

Would you actually be willing to follow through with the truthful answers to those two questions?


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