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Resigning & Resigning

June 1, 2011

So today I formally resigned from a huge blessing of a job with a wonderful company. Sending that letter of resignation was, to say the least, unnerving. It’s just that my time in this current job has served my family so well over the past few years. It’s facilitated us through some difficult times and I’m grateful that the Lord has blessed us with this occupation; which now Ingrid and I clearly see has been such an incredible stepping stone into our next chapter in Tracy, CA.

And this job has been comfortable for me. And there’s nothing wrong with that; it’s just that I knew there was clearly a follow-on chapter and I was so stinkin’ anxious to get there at times, that I forgot to be a good steward of the blessings and joy set before me. For a long time, I’d been asking the Lord for an opportunity like the one our family is about to walk into and I’d apply for jobs either out of a sense of obligation to “do my part” in the process or simply to get me to feel like I was making some semblance of forward progress.

And then, over the past couple of months I just started to pray more and more that the Lord would convict me to do those things that would draw me close to His heart, that would help me to lead with the joy of His salvation in my life and to work on my craft (investing in relationships, leading, singing, musicianship, songwriting). I remember noticing that in doing those things, I was feeling less anxious, less annoyed and more open to the beauty of God’s work in my daily life and that of my wife and kids.

I’m so excited about going to St Paul’s but I think through the times leading up to this transition God’s been re-teaching me the lesson of resigning myself to the fact that, day after day, He is for me. He adores me and through the work of Jesus, counts me as one of His sons. What more do I need than that? More than my job, my success, or where we live; even more than my family and friends…What more do I need to define me than the incredible truth that I am a son of the One True God?


-Joel Davy

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