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Obedience to Honor

January 21, 2012

Last year I had no idea what was in store for me and for our family as I chose Obedience to be my One Word 2011. This year as I prayed about a word that God might want me to use in focusing  throughout 2012, I was overwhelmed with the subtle and simple ways in which He hinted at what that word should be.

Last summer our family moved across the country so that Ingrid and I could step into ministry positions at a church in Tracy, CA. As I write this, I still can’t believe that I’m the Director of Music/Fine Arts and she’s the Director of Media at St Paul’s Lutheran Church. God’s blessed us with this incredible ministry opportunity and basically said, “Have at it!” It’s so daunting and so amazingly beautiful. God has entrusted us with this; given us authority over it. He wants to use us to create and build and advance His kingdom. So that’s why my One Word 365 this year has got to be, Honor. Jesus has so lovingly honored my desire to serve in music ministry full-time; so I want to honor Him and give glory to His dominion in the way that I serve my family, our church/school and in the way that I move and lead in any other ministry opportunities being born out of work.

As I’ve locked into this word, Honor, Jesus has so gently shown me where my focuses should be first and foremost…

I honor Him by seeking Him daily. I need His Words on my lips and in my heart. The dialogue between He and I should be on-going…not a quick chat and then hang up the phone.  In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly. Psalm 5:3

I honor Him in my life by honoring Ingrid and our marriage. Because we work together as well, this can be a bit more (seemingly) complex but it’s really not. I’ve got to honor her first as my spouse and also as my right-hand ministry partner…cause that’s what she is. Don’t let the B.S. tear at our communications or muddle up the joy that we find in one another. This, like no other time, is the time to cling to one another; to lift each other up. I love doing this with her.

I honor Him by leading; by taking seriously the craft of leading people in worship through music and singing. It’s the bread and butter. So I want that to be the cornerstone of what I do. I don’t want to lose focus or creativity. So I’ve got to make time to write, to dream, to teach and learning alongside our music and media team members.

I honor Him by meeting the people of our church and our community right where they are at. It’s ok for me to introduce new ideas…to stretch our congregation within the authority that the Lord and our wonderful pastor has given me. But I have ensure that I understand their history; where they’ve been. This is really big for me and probably the most single aspect that solidified my choice of making Honor my word for this year. It’s difficult to effectively lead people in any endeavor if the leader fails to take a look at where that group has been. So I think it’s crucial to honor the authority and parameters that have been given to me and with God’s help, to create and lead right to the very edge of those limits. And I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that He’ll honor that obedience.

Jesus, make 2012 a year where I honor You in all that I do: In my relationship with You, in my marriage, in my worship leading and my songwriting. Prompt me to stretch in my creativity and to focus on honoring and strengthening the relationships that You bring into my life. Amen.

So it’s not too late in the year to do this…if you want to ask God about a word He might have you focus on this year, ask Him. If you don’t have a blog, let us know and you can guest-post on ours. Either way, don’t forget to link your post up with the community!

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  1. January 23, 2012 7:19 pm

    I love this, Joel!!!

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