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Welcome Home Haiti

February 21, 2013

We’ve stayed away for too long and we’re so giddy to go back. We’ve switched careers, moved from Missouri to California, had some difficult times and some amazing adventures and yet the anticipation of returning has always been at least a weekly conversation between Ingrid and I. Woohoo!!! We’re going back to Haiti! And we’re bringing 7 of our friends who have never been along with us. We’re currently in the process of training, preparing and equipping a team grown from our church to go to Haiti (June 2013) and do some challenging work on behalf of Haitian Christian Ministries (HCM) and Welcome Home Haiti . Ingrid and I have worked with HCM for many years and are so excited to hug our friends Manno and Prisca, who continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to the people of Haiti. We can’t wait to see all our other Haitian brothers and sisters that we’ve missed for so long and trade stories with them of how our lives have changed since the last time we met.

But most of all…we’re so excited to be building a house for a sweet lady named, Madame Vixamar. You can see a picture of her just to the right of this post. Madame Vixamar is a widow and active member of the Pillatre Christian Church and Ingrid and I have been blessed to meet her and her family during our past mission trips to Haiti. When we traveled there in December of 2010, we also got to train her son, Willem on a recently installed mixing console and other audio equipment. Willem is also a 3rd grade teacher at the school there and a very active part of the church music ministry. To wrap our thoughts around getting to now go back and provide for his mom and family by giving them a home is not an easy task but we’re overjoyed to see this become a reality. What’s more, we’re so excited to share this experience with our some amazing team members, our church family, and YOU!

Madame Vixamar has gone through the application process laid out by Welcome Home Haiti and has the land to build on, just not the means or ability to build a home of her own. So we want to help her with that. We’re not only writing this to fill you in on what’s happening during this mission trip, but we’d love your prayer support!

As this trip quickly approaches, we’d ask that you please join us by praying for these following things:

  • For the logistics of getting everyone to/from Haiti to occur safely
  • For each of us to prepare spiritually, emotionally and physically for what we’ll see and do while we’re in Haiti
  • For our safety and health as we travel
  • That we will work well together as a team
  • Peace for our families as they ‘let us go’, as each of us is obedient to the Lord in going
  • For Madame Vixamar and her family’s safety as we will be getting there to complete construction after rainy season

The other thing you can do to help us is to shop. That’s right people. We know that a ton of you are online shoppers and that y’all love you some Amazon! So if you have some purchases to make, would you help us by clicking through this link  or on the picture of Madame Vixamar to the right of this post?  The link will take you directly to the site and your purchase will continue as normal, but a small portion of the sale (with no change to your purchase price) will be donated to our trip.

We are honored to have the opportunity to serve the Lord, the people of Haiti, and this time, specifically the Vixamar family. We’re so thankful that God has brought together such an amazing fellowship of people to share in this adventure. Thank you so very much for your love and support. We couldn’t go and serve without your willingness to send us!

Joel  (& Ingrid)

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  1. February 22, 2013 1:16 am

    I hope it worked! I’m so excited, laced with a tinge of jealousy. What a faithful God we serve. I’m praying something fierce for all of you and Madame Vixamar {be still my heart}.

    • February 22, 2013 11:46 am

      You are awesome!!!! We love you and can’t wait to hug you again soon! So glad to hear your preaching went well the other day! Proud of you, girl!


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